Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day, What Do You Remember?

May Day,  What Do You Remember?

Being born pre 1950, we celebrated May Day at school all my school years.

Mom helped us gather a flower or two and put it in a piece of newspaper and attach it to a neighbors door.  

At school we all had to wind the ribbons around the MayPole.  Having taught my children to do the same on May Day, I wonder if they remember?   Schools stopped doing it and the tradition died.

Today they imply that it was a Political Event so not allowed.

Here are some links that state it as I remember it, and think it a shame we do not continue to do it.

It has to be one of the older celebrated events by peoples everywhere that does not constitute blood shed and pain. It recommends fun and love and caring for others

Going to copy a wee bit from the above site but it would behoove you to click the link and learn more.

"Who doesn’t love a good holiday? While May Day is a celebration that has happened worldwide for centuries, it’s still a little mysterious. Not religious, not secular, it’s a little both, and it’s celebrated every May 1! Click through to find out five important facts about May Day!"

1. There’s a reason why it’s celebrated on May 1  It represents the beginning of summer holiday in pre Christian Europe.
2. It’s been celebrated since the Roman Republic era
It mentions the Goddess of Flowers via Romans, and Gaelic  summer festival of Beltrane , still done in areas of ireland today.
3.  It changed significantly after the rise of Christianity
It became a more secular,  now light hearted and celebrating spring and summer. 

I did not find what I was taught about the Maypole on any of the sites. Wonder how the Sister's came up with their comments and said it was to do with Germany and Russian peoples.

4. The holiday is best symbolized by the maypole
(I was taught the weaving of the ribbons were binding people together). I think it really implies alot.  As humans we are bound together more than most accept or realize maybe.
5. Germany has the biggest May Day celebration
 it represents a pagan  Tradition and a celebration of St. WAlburga, who is credited with bringing Christianity to German..  Interesting how one led to the other.

Click the link above and learn about May Day.

What a nice way to wake up in the morning step out the door and find a couple of flowers hanging on your door knob or in a vase.  They weaving the colored ribbons together to make us remember we are all one people of many color but blood is the same color inside.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Great Day Full of Information. Thanks Mr. Olsen.

Today our society hosted Mr. Mark Olsen and a talk about Many side comments about Randy Seaver's knowledge of the program.  I suspect he uses it as much if not more than I do.

The presentation was informative and very educational for all.  The idea you can use their library without being a member should have woke many up.  I only found the note about what line on Census your query person is on yesterday and I have used census pages for quite some time.

 I can say I love the Newspaper connections, except that one name is stuck.  I have gotten lots of good data to use and help me over a hump by having that information.

I like the Timeline feature and the fact Feature and all the ways you can move easily through different
systems within the system.

When you look at the time line you can tell what data is missing to give you a factual account of that time frame.

He talked about the Book Matching and the online class given yesterday which I missed and am going to try and find.

There are so many features to use and enjoy and move your genealogy forward with accuracy.

It was interesting to see the astonishment on some of the members faces as the presentation was given.  Others gave great comments also. Many questions were asked, about various features.

I am sure Randy will blog about this also but wanted you to know what you missed and some of the features that are free for everyone to use.  This site is done in many languages and is in over 100 countries.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

All this does not mean that you should give up looking at books in the library and never will all data be on line though more is today than five years ago. But a long way from all.

Genealogy and it's research methods have made major shifts in the last ten years.

 I was part of the Longest Marathon Hangout some years ago. So fun to  meet people all over the world.

Mark Olsen - Google+
Mark Olsen - MyHeritage Affiliate and Biz Dev Manager - Mark Olsen of MyHeritage and Creator of the Longest Marathon Hangout ...

Discover New Research Opportunities with the MyHeritage ...
Mark Olsen - Business Development Manager at MyHeritageMark Olsen ... FamilySearch/MyHeritage Partnership - Record Matching. - Sign up for free LDS ...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Judy Russell has done it again.

Today, Judy Russell wrote another tidbit for research, that I had forgotten about.

Judy Russell, thank you for reminding me and probably sharing this information with many whom have never thought to look in these books.

So all of you please go to Judy Russell's blog today and read what she shares.

I am serious, I have done this but it was 30 plus years ago when I utilized this method and
have had no chance to do it again, thereby forgetting about it.

Posted: 29 Apr 2016 07:00 AM PDT
And relationships too

Monday, April 25, 2016

Preservation Week ------ Are you Preserving family stories?

Having someone ask the question they did a couple days ago reminded me that we need to preserve our stories and heritage for the grandchildren whom are not listening now.

Death always brings many different emotions.  The strongest one is there is no more feedback, comment or contact.

A few days ago Judy Russell commented if we did not write stories of current situations down it is gone in 3 generations. Which means your grandchildren do not even know the NOWS of TODAY.

Funny I was thinking of that the other day because our Grandchildren have all scattered or appeared to have scattered about. From Boston to Los Angeles is a scatter I believe. Boston was thinking of Scotland for the future that is even farther away. I heard New Orleans mentioned by another.

So having the stories from my Grandparents and one Great Grandmother, what am I to do.
Yes, write it down and make it a gift at various events during their lives.

I have not heard if our Library is celebrating this event. I hope so.   They just made a great area for Military Veterans Data to be preserved and that is mostly Grandparent, Uncle information though we did have Aunt and Grandma active also in WW11.
As a reader recently asked, " Have you talked about death?"  What your family member may want?
It is hard for a five year old to remember someone if they are not raised around them and familiar with their daily routine.  They will remember if they walked them to bed and shared snacks and spent time sharing time.  If this did not happen they will not remember not even at 12 or 13.

So stop and take the time to write at least one or two things about each person in your tree that you have been in touch with, met and shared time with.  Each of you may think of a different trait or attribute that your sibling.  Wow, what a more complete memoir you can make.

Recently cousins came to visit, after 35+ years of communicating. They looked at a binder I had put together on our common family.  They was amazed to see documents in with pictures and other sources combined in the binder.  Having wanting sources with data and pictures, I attempt when doing a binder to keep it together.  Knowing I have mislaid many important pieces of papers in my earlier research because as I go through a 30 year old box, up will pop something I forgot I had received. Much better all together, especially now that sourcing is so vital and learning many family
members do not seem to have a care.

Once in awhile someone will pop up with a question.  Having attempted to share family stories and information with our children from the time small. Took them to see my Aunt's and Uncles and many cousins.  Shared over night stays with their children to become more familiar with kin not near us.

My goal for the week is to make a mini story about each of my oldest known Ancestors. What is yours?

Yesterday I wrote about my Grandma Inez Mae Scott Hoffman.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Remembering Family Information, Stories, and Tales. Inez Mae Scott Hoffman

 As you work through your charts and family information, do you remember to write about the person as you knew them?

Do you ask other family members to send a story about that person to add to your collection of information?

Maybe a story about a school event or family gathering, where family members were together.

Between Randy Seaver's comments on Judy Russell's questions at RootsTech, it reminded me that
Mom had us ask about family in our letters so we could have something to communicate about when we exchanged letters.

O the loss that the government cost our family.  We shall overcome.

Everyone talked about my Grandma Inez Mae Scott Hoffman, and her ability to crochet beautiful bedspreads, tablecloths, doilies, and trim on pillowcases. One of my favorites is the yoke she created on my sister and my nightgowns when we were about 8 1/2 for me and 5 for Sis. They were Xmas gifts.  I wonder if she kept hers.  I have hankies she trimmed, marked and saved.  The tablecloth she made me for graduation we had to sell to help pay for her funeral. Alas.

She earned money doing this for people for weddings. Crochet edged pillow cases were a big event for  many.  The placemats for armchairs and for back of chairs to keep the furniture clean she did many of them.  My favorite design she did was pineapple pattern, There is a list of many designs and
Mom inherited her Crochet books, which I have some of.

Mom could also crochet very well.

Grandma made a double wedding ring quilt for my parents and it was in tatters at Mom's death.  Someone said they were going to try to get a pillow out of it.

 I have quilt squares that Grandma embroidered with the State Birds of Wyoming and the State Flowers of Wyoming. Grandma never got them completed into a quilt. Not sure she would have quilted them since the material is so delicate, maybe made pictures to hang on the walls or something.

Grandma Inez could Tat, a beautiful trim for blouses and dresses etc.  That neither Mom or I could master.

I would love to learn how to make bobbin lace, I think I have all  of Grandma's bobbins and some very, very old thread.

That she could cook and can and still have time for all the handiwork she did,  meant she had  little idle time.

O how we  seem to waste our time in modern day.

What do you remember about Grandma Inez Mae Scott?

Friday, April 22, 2016

100th Anniversary of our National Parks

Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Mt. McKinley and more! Celebrate the 100th anniversary of our National Parks with Ken Burns (PBS), and see why these extraordinary places should be preserved. The six-part series, THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICA’S BEST IDEA, begins Monday, April 25 at 9/8c on PBS.

Watch you may find kin helped to discover and settle our National Parks.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Events in Southern California - for May

  Okay I am sending you over to this site and you can read the events for this coming month.

  Maybe you will find a speaker or topic that you may want to consider going to.

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Carpooling can some times be arranged.